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Places of birth: Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of birth: 17.10.1984
Quote: Discover your hidden beauty with us.


Azerbaijani Aesthetic Doctor Fidan Mustafayeva, an honors graduate of Azerbaijan Medical University, specialized in maxillofacial surgery in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since working at Laser Beauty Clinic since 2016, she has participated in various master classes and congresses to improve her professionalism in more than 20 countries. Thanks to her hard work and dedication over the years, her techniques and skills have won her many awards. She trained many educated personnel in the field of medical aesthetics and even wrote the book "Esthetics" for students who have just started studying this field.


Azerbaijan Medical University.

P. L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

“Medical Cosmetology” course of the Azerbaijan State Institute of Physicians' Improvement.

Operates in the public Association of Aesthetic Cosmetology Specialists.