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>Rena Soltanova
Places of birth: Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of birth: 28.04.1984
Quote: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Founder and Chief Physician of Laser Beauty Aesthetic Clinic Rena Soltanova  in 2007 graduated from  Azerbaijan Medical University as a  specialist in dermatologist-venereologist. In 2007-2008,  completed her internship at the Republic Skin-Venereal.

For the first time in Azerbaijan,on 11.11.2018 doctor  Rena Soltanova organized  master-classes on aesthetic cosmetology at the Hilton Hotel in Baku, and then, taking into account numerous requests, on 21.04.2019 at the Excelsior Hotel.These projects were covered by TV channels

Rena Soltanova is also the author of the book "Chance or Will". This book is about the rich experience of the author, which describes the ways to achieve success and provides valuable advice for those who want to be entrepreneurial.

Now she is an honorable member of Hundred Plastic Surgery Club

Work Experience

 Republican Dermatologic Hospital - Medical Doctor - Azerbaijan, Baku 2007 - 2010

  • Providing skilled health assessment, diagnosing and implementing treatment plans to resolve problems
  • Implemented therapeutic regiments involving medications and interventions to mitigate symptoms and prevent recurrence

Republican Dermatologic Hospital  - Aesthetic Doctor - Azerbaijan, Baku 2010 - 2012

  •  Providing the longest lasting natural looking injectable 3D facelift
  • Advanced Laser Aesthetics

Laser Beauty Clinic - Chief Physician - Azerbaijan, Baku 2012 - Current Owner, Chief physician, Aesthetic Doctor, Dermatologist



"Doctor of The Year"  2018 

"Golden People Awards"  2018 

"Doctor of The Year" 2019 

"Luxury Awards" 2019 

"The most successful doctor and aesthetic dermatologist of Azerbaijan" 2019 

"Diamonds of Turkey"  2019

"Golden Palm Awards" 2021

"Global Health Awards" 2021

"Global Woman Awards"  2022 

"Golden People Awards" 2022

"Global Health Awards" 2022