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Places of birth: Azerbaijan, Sumgayit
Date of birth: 1975


He was born in 1975 in Sumgait city. He graduated from the medical faculty of Istanbul University. In 2003, he defended his thesis on "Correlation between urinary incontinence symptomatology and urodynamic indicators in adult women" at the Urology Department of Carrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University.

In 2003-2009, he worked at the Central Clinical Hospital in Baku and performed more than 4,000 operations. He performed closed kidney, bladder and ureter surgeries for the first time in Azerbaijan. In 2009, he worked at the Central Customs Hospital. Currently, he works at the Teaching Surgery Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University.

He is a member of Azerbaijan Association of Urologists, European Society of Urologists, Turkish Society of Urology, Turkish Society of Andrology, Turkish Society of Female Urology. He is the author of more than 30 scientific articles.