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Luiza Sharakhmetova elected as Millionaire Concept Network Ambassador from Uzbekistan

21 October 2022

In today's world, especially in the Muslim world, the position of women in society is strong. Regardless of his orientation, the fact that a person is engaged in the work he wants is the biggest incentive for him to face the difficulties he will face on this path. In order to be a successful woman in business, she must first of all be self-confident. Working life gives women a chance to assert themselves in society and feel free themselves from economic dependence.

Luiza Sharakhmetova is one of the successful businesswomen of Uzbekistan, which is an important geography of the Turkic world. Actively participating in the social and economic life of her country, Luiza Sharakhmetova founded her first business at the age of 21. The businesswoman, who entered this sector at a young age, signed 5 successful projects during her career. Among them, the "Mediva" aesthetic medicine clinic and the "Autofinance Leasing" leasing company stand out. Luiza Sharakhmetova is also the owner of a business school that brings together women entrepreneurs like herself. Her contributions to the development of women's business in Uzbekistan have always been highly appreciated by the Turkish community.

On June 30, 2022, at the Golden People Awards in Baku, Luiza Sharakhmetova was awarded in the category of successful business woman of the year. Her participation left a big mark, after which the «Millionaire Concept Network» company signed a cooperation agreement with Luiza Sharakhmetova. Luiza Sharakhmetova became the representative and Ambassador of our company in Uzbekistan, which expands our capabilities and gives a chance to carry out new projects in Uzbekistan.