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"Our future plans include going out into the world by applying new innovations" - Anna Seliverstova

03 November 2022

Pilates is one of the sports that has gained popularity in the world in recent times. The basis of this sport, which seems quite simple at first glance, is not limited to strength and flexibility. Regular practice of pilates, the main movement of which is to tighten the abdominal muscles, reduces back pain, increases bone density, and protects heart health.

Anna Seliverstova, the owner of "MV Pilates" studio, is one of the professionals in her field. Currently successfully operating in Russia, MVpilates has 8 amazing studios, 35 senior staff, and over 700 satisfied clients. MVpilates is not just a network of studios, but a whole family to spend useful time, make an invaluable contribution to our health, find new friends, and share energy and positive emotions with each other. This studio is equipped with unique equipment in St. Petersburg as an official representative of the Basi Pilates Academy, a leader in International Pilates education. "MV Pilates" studio has 10 branches in St. Petersburg alone. Here, all the intricacies of the human body are explored in-depth and a unique and individual approach plan is prepared according to the personal needs of each client.
During her years in the United States, Anna Seliverstova made deep connections with Pilates, which helped her further development.
Speaking about her activities, Anna Seliverstova says: "I have been involved in sports for a long time. Like all professional athletes, I was not without injuries. Thanks to this, I met Pilates, which later became my favorite activity. Pilates is the best way to connect our mind, body, and breath at the same time. We are currently working on the "Pilates Children's Studio" in Russia. I think this is a great contribution to the health of our future generations. One of our future plans is to go global by opening a branch in Dubai. And we are open to proposals for cooperation in this regard." Anna Seliverstova is a participant in numerous international seminars in the field.

Anna Seliverstova on October 29-30, 2022 at the "Global Health Awards" awards night organized by "Millionaire Concept Network" and "Reputation" group of companies in our capital, it was awarded the prize in the nomination of the best pilates studio of the year.