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The well-known Russian nutritionist Anastasia Zelenina was awarded in Baku

25 December 2022

A person's health condition depends on how he/she eats. Nutrition is the study of nutrition and human interaction with food. Nutrition is a young but rapidly developing area in Russia. Anastasia Zelenina, one of Russia's well-known figures in this field, is the owner and CEO of Nutrisol.clinic, a clinic for preventive medicine and dietetics. A professional nutritionist, women's health mentor, supports women, expectant mothers in the most important and productive moments of life. Anastasia Zelenina worked as a lawyer in a large consulting company until she became a mother for the first time 7 years ago. She came across an article by renowned American naturopath Svetlana Mortensen about her newborn baby's problems and signed up to be her curator. This acquaintance and the difficulties she faces with her child make her improve in this area. After that, she overcomes her son's illness within 3 months. Anastasia Zelenina, an internationally certified nutritionist and mentor in women's health and pregnancy, decides to establish her own clinic and applies a preventive approach to health in this area. Speaking about her field, she notes: “Nutritiology is not only a regular diet, but also a process of changing lifestyle.” The nutritionist, who has attracted the strongest preventive doctors and specialists with international diplomas to her team, emphasizes the importance of balancing 3 aspects for a healthy life: mind, spirit and body. Anastasia Zelenina was awarded the “Successful Nutritionist of the Year”nomination at the Global Health Awards project on October 30, 2022.