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Marina Aisina: Most importantly, love your job. Be sure that success will not wait for you.

05 April 2023

Our interviewee is Marina Aisina, a professional Russian cosmetologist, laureate of international awards, founder of the "Lips for Kiss" aesthetic center.

1. Ms. Marina, if you could express yourself in 3 words, which words would you choose?

Purposeful, confident, sincere. In my opinion, these 3 words together mean "I".

2. What are the conditions for becoming a professional cosmetologist?

First of all, let me mention that I am a beauty lover. I love to make people beautiful and make them feel confident. The main condition of professionalism in our field is higher medical education. The second condition is to constantly work on yourself.

3. If a person enjoys what she/he does, she/he will be more successful. What do you enjoy more?

The joy in the patient's eyes when she/he sees herself/himself in the mirror for the first time after the procedure is my happiness and my source of inspiration. I enjoy seeing people happy, and if I am the author of this happiness, then I enjoy it twice.

4. State your formula for success.

Luck, talent, perseverance. The combination of these three factors is important. A cosmetologist should approach her profession with the precision of a jeweler. She should measure all the details and have skillful hands at the same time.

5. What problem do patients come to you with most often?

Patients turn to me for all issues related to cosmetology and beauty. However, the lip volume and facial oval restoration procedure that I authored is very popular. I do these procedures with my own technique. Modern technology and scientific development create conditions for a positive change in human appearance. I think we should make the most of these opportunities.

6. Ms. Marina, tell us about the concept of your clinic. What makes it so special?

As a Lips for Kiss aesthetic center, our vision is to guarantee patients the results they want. Patients are received by specialists with higher medical education and extensive experience in the field of cosmetology and contouring. We work with modern equipment, advanced techniques and certified preparations. As a center, professionalism and individual approach are our priority.

7. As a professional in your field, what would you recommend to future cosmetologists?

Be open to the world and people, learn a lot, work hard. Have goals in life and go for them. Invest in education, improvement, and when the time comes, those funds will be returned to you in excess. Most importantly, love your job. Be sure that success will not wait for you.