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Dr. Aytan Aliyeva will be a speaker at the international congress organized by ISSCA in Turkey.

02 May 2023

In the international congress organized by ISSCA, which brings together the world's medical specialists in Turkey, our country was presented by dr. Ayten Aliyeva will represent

On May 5-6, 2023, an international summit on "Cell Therapy Certification" will be held in the historical city of Istanbul, Turkey, organized by ISSCA. Your country will be represented by neurologist, regenerative medicine and stem cell expert dr. Aytan Aliyeva will represent. He will act as a speaker to share his experience with his colleagues.

To find the root of the problem, you need to look at its smallest element. In order to prevent aging and a number of diseases, it is necessary to influence the body at the level of its smallest structural unit, the cell.

It should be noted that in recent years, the stem cell method has become widespread in the treatment of diseases. In this regard, the latest innovations in the field of cell-oriented treatment and the results of research in this field will be discussed at the summit.

At the cell therapy certification summit, our country was represented by Dr. Dr. Dr. Aytan Aliyeva will represent.