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One of the best in the health sector in Turkey - Dent 360 International

04 May 2023

Health tourism is one of the important sectors that have come to the fore in the world in recent years. The development of this field promotes the development of the country and the world economy. People all over the world now want the best when it comes to their health issues.

Dent 360 International is one of the best in Turkey in the field of health tourism.

The clinic was founded in 2019 by Istanbul Medical University graduates Ilkar Topcu, Huseyn Asci, Umit Tok, and Emrah Aydogdu. Dent 360 International smile, which prefers implant-supported prostheses in its activities, has managed to make a name for itself nationwide with its quality and aesthetic harmony of design, laminate, zirconium, ceramic coatings.

As medicine develops, there is a need for professional doctors who deal with oral cavity, tooth structure, diseases and treatment. Dent 360 International is one of the leaders in this field in Turkey.

The clinic, whose employees participate in national and international conferences, is equipped with modern equipment that meets European and world standards. As a dental clinic, Dent360 offers a wide range of both therapeutic and aesthetic services.

"Dent360" offers patients not only a smile, but also a modern and comfortable treatment environment.

Based on the principle of "patient satisfaction", the clinic is located in Istanbul and serves local and foreign citizens with a staff of 97 dental health professionals.