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The Ukrainian psychologist Olga Ivakhnenko was awarded by The Globe project

03 April 2024

During this period of rapid development, people and societies may experience spiritual crises. Psychologists take on the task of leading humanity out of this negative cycle. It wouldn't be wrong to say that modern psychologists are like surgeons of the mind. Through subtle maneuvers in our perspective on life, they change our view of the world and our lives by 180 degrees.


Ukrainian psychologist Olga Ivakhnenko is one of the professionals working on restoring the human mind. She has rich experience in this field, being the creator of 6 original meditations for women and a resident of the business club "Magic of the Morning".


Since childhood, her interest in the inner world of human beings has led her to the field of psychology. Olga Ivakhnenko is not only an experienced specialist in psychology, but also a sincere person who provides moral support to those who turn to her. Her uniqueness lies in the combination of professionalism and deep empathetic understanding.

Olga Ivakhnenko successfully applies methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy, helping patients better understand and change thoughts and behaviors that lead to problems in their lives. Her Gestalt therapy opens up deep possibilities for self-awareness and self-acceptance, as well as helping to improve relationships with the external world.

The experienced psychologist develops strategies for achieving personal goals and improving quality of life. In our time, when happiness is what we need most, Olga Ivakhnenko believes that "happiness is individual for each person and depends on personal values, beliefs, and circumstances. However, there are common understandings on this issue. Happiness is a combination of self-awareness, self-acceptance, quality relationships, maintaining balance, health, positivity, gratitude, and self-development".

Professional psychologist Olga Ivakhnenko was recognized in the nomination "Talented Woman Psychologist of the Year" at "The Globe Gala" event on March 19, 2024.