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Gulbahar Kalmuratova was awarded at the international project “The Globe Gala”.

04 May 2024

Recently, the fact that people travel to other countries for treatment has been a major factor contributing to the development of medical tourism at the global level. This allows patients to receive treatment using medical technologies that are not available in their home countries.

One of the leading representatives of this field in Asian countries is the Uzbek expert Gulbahar Kalmuratova. He is the founder of the Healthcare Tourism Group, a specialist in the development of medical tourism together with leading representatives of South Korea, Germany and Spain.

Her team works in areas such as plastic surgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation and oncology. As the founder of the company and medical coordinator, Gulbahar Kalmuratova has been guiding people to the right doctor and treatment for more than 10 years, accompanying them in difficult times.

Healthcare Tourism Group employees are highly specialized specialists with many years of experience in successfully working with patients from all over the world. Healthcare Tourism Group of Companies offers patients modern and effective treatment methods, an individual approach to each patient and a high level of service. The company easily communicates with the best doctors, collaborating clinics and hospitals and makes it easier for patients to receive treatment from specialist doctors.

An amazing synthesis of ancient healthcare history and modern technology provides a wide range of options for those seeking treatment in South Korea. The company GK Healthcare Tourism, founded by Gulya Kalmuratova in this country, taking into account these qualities, guarantees the professionalism and care of the team.

Trust your health to professionals and go on a journey to health and beauty with GK Healthcare Tourism.

On March 19, 2024, Gulbahar Kalmuratova was awarded the nomination “Successful Entrepreneur of the Year in the Healthcare Sphere” at the international project “The Globe Gala”.