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Ender Sarach: Influential and professional doctors came together in the Global Health Awards

26 January 2022

"Global Health Awards project brought together reputable and professional doctors. I was very happy to represent Turkey at such event in Azerbaijan . Other doctors like me liked the project because it was organized at a high level. Moreover, I had a chance to make friends." 

This opinion was expressed to Health News by a well-known professional doctor in Turkey, one of the most famous doctors in the world of medicine, Dr. Ender Sarac.

Ender Sarac, who is known for his high professionalism, is the founder of “Hay” Health Center, Turkey's first Natural Medicine and Aesthetic Center, which is now a medical center distinguished for its reputation and services. Furthermore, Ender Sarac writes books on raising awareness about natural and healthy living in Turkey, prepares numerous television programs, and conducts seminars and trainings.

It should be noted that Dr. providing consulting services to various companies. Ender Sarac’s "Healthy Days with Ender Sarac" program on Show TV in 2008 and 2009 received high ratings and caused a stir in the media.