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"Stomatology is a profession where you can be both a doctor and an artist at the same time" - Dr. Eyup Celik.

07 August 2022

Dr. Eyup Celik is one of the trendiest dentists in the world, known for his beautiful smiles and with more than 230,000 followers on Instagram.

Although he had a great passion for art and creativity from a young age, his parents wanted him to become a doctor. The choice he made pleases both him and his parents. He chose stomatology.

Eyup Celik considers his profession to be the unity of science and art. His philosophy about his profession is as follows: "Take the best of what's available and make it even better." Design it when it doesn't exist” Eyup Celik believes that in addition to beautifying people's smiles, it is the duty of a dentist to improve their psychology as well.

At the same time, Eyup Celik was awarded as the best dentist in Europe during  award ceremony at the London Parliament. He created the Doctor Celik toothpaste brand with the same name as the well-known doctor. Doctorcelik toothpaste helps to whiten tooth color.