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Nazrin Sadikhova - A successful businesswoman who stands out in public life as well as in the field of medicine

13 August 2022

Nazrin Sadikhova, who started her business in 2005, is the owner of Swiss House, an official representative of Swiss watches and jewellery. Mrs. Sadikhova, who studied International Business Management in England, lived in Switzerland for a long time. During this period, as a reputable entrepreneur, she participated in many business projects in Europe and won great achievements and was awarded with relevant certificates and awards.

Since 2020, the young businesswoman is the chairman of the board of directors of the Spektr Medical group of companies located in Baku, Ganja and Shamkir, which includes three clinics. She was also the head of a number of socially useful projects at the national level. For many years now, she has been the head of the "SABAH" humanitarian organization, which provides humanitarian aid to sick and disabled children with limited physical and mental capabilities, who have lost their parents. In 2022, she founded "GABA", a business club in Azerbaijan. This company brings entrepreneurs together and supports further diversification and strengthening of their business relationships, actively supports start-up projects and young entrepreneurs. Nazrin Sadikhova is also the head and organizer of large projects such as "InterFest", "Towards Success", "Talented Mornings", charity projects for orphans.