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Beyhan Budak, the most listened-to psychologist in Turkey by Spotify

14 August 2022

Beyhan Budak, a well-known psychologist born in Ankara, graduated from primary and secondary school here and entered the Faculty of Psychology of Istanbul University and moved to this city. During his studies, he used the unlimited opportunities in the field of science, culture and art of Istanbul and met many people. After staying in Istanbul for 4 years, he returned to Ankara and worked with children and their families for a while. Later, he started working at Tedash General Directorate. However, after deciding that this was not what he wanted to do, he resigned from Tedash and started working as a doctor at the Ministry of Health. After his bachelor's degree, he completed his master's degree in Psychological Counseling and Guidance at Gazi University in 2011 and Clinical Psychology at Istanbul Esenyurt University in 2016.

Beyhan Budak currently provides psychotherapy, psychological counseling and training services to enterprises at the Phenomenon Psychological Counseling and Education Center, which he is the founder of. At the same time, he is famous for his popular psychology and personal development videos on social networks. To date, these videos have been watched by more than 1,300,000 people. A prolific psychologist who is a member of the Association of Psychologists of Turkey, he is a script consultant for animated films such as "Kuzucuk", "Elif's Dreams", and the author of 3 books in the field of psychology.
"Happiness is not what you buy!" at the 2018 TedX Kaleichi event in Antalya. and "How does a person change, how does he not change?" held in Izmir in 2019. The podcast channel of Beyhan Budak, who is remembered for his speeches in seminars, was announced by Spotify as the most listened podcast channel in Turkey in 2020.