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Dr. Arden Ekmekci talks about aesthetic practices in men

16 August 2022

 "Men used to not be very fond of applications other than hair transplantation, but this has changed. Hair transplantation, botox, fillers, youth serums and body care. Medical aesthetic applications are also frequently preferred by men today, "Men's skin is more well-groomed and healthy, and there are no wrinkles. "
What is the view of men on medical aesthetic applications today?
Today, everyone has some aesthetic concerns and treatments and solutions that can be reached. Practices that were previously judged by taboos or thought to be conspicuous are included in up-to-date, easily applicable and accessible health services for men, regardless of gender, with changing social norms and beauty standards.

So how did these changes happen? Let's talk about a few of them;

The definition of a man as well-groomed within the framework of socially masculine details; While it is considered sufficient to have combed clean hair, hygienic and neat clothes, shaved and clean smell, nowadays factors such as how young the skin looks for its age, being well-groomed and healthy, not having wrinkles, having dense, healthy, shiny hair, and having a fit body are considered. is observed. Studies have also shown that men with these characteristics have higher self-esteem and self-confidence, and are more successful in their business and social life. When the only constant thing is change itself, it is inevitable not to be included in this cycle, it is accepted by the world that aesthetic beauty, health and care are not a feminine activity, and this is one of the most natural rights of all of us.

"Many Applications Made to Women Are Also Done to Men" What kind of practices are mostly applied to men?

In the past, the men of society were not very fond of unconventional applications other than hair transplantation, but this has changed in men, such as botox, fillers, skin care, youth serums, skin reconstructions made with devices, use of collagen-activating energy-based devices, procedures for removing fat in the body... The point where technology has brought us important. In the past, the cost of such transactions was very high, but the development of technology made the applications very cheap and multiplied on a device basis. People can now reach these by saving money from their salaries and generate a budget for medical aesthetics. The increase in competition and the fact that there are hundreds of brands while there are only one or two brands are also an important factor. Once they take a step and see the environment, they continue to come on their own. Now men want to look as well-groomed and aesthetic as women. Social media and the audience it addresses are changing the universal standards and the effect of this is being seen. Social media is the locomotive and indispensable tool of this business. For example, when I started laser hair removal years ago, I had such a hard time explaining what happened. Now is there anyone who does not know about laser hair removal? Everyone knows how many types of laser epilation devices there are, and which one even works how. This, of course, was due to the influence of social media. There is another dimension of the matter. People experience negative changes in their body, face and skin structures with age. Both their relationships and the desire to look better in the later stages of their lives lead them to such practices. The appearance that people generally expect; Sharp and prominent face contour like Angelina Jolie's, a male figure with diamond abs, etc. Comparison and unwarranted expectations that are tried to be copied. When they are in a structure close to these, they feel more comfortable in social environments. The reason for the proliferation of weight loss bariatric surgeries is in these standards and expectations created by social media. But the underlying motivation needs to be a healthy and long life. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including genetic, biological, environmental. Hair loss due to uncontrolled Testosterone level, which is one of them, is a big problem in our country, although it is not excessive. The geographical region where this factor is most observed is the Middle East. Hair is an important visual characteristic, it is an important aesthetic tool used in social relationship skills in the first impression we create on the opposite side. The most practical known solutions for this are hair transplantation and stem cell application. While hair transplantation was a rigid, invasive and challenging surgical method in the past, today it is a simplified and simple procedure.

"Men Are Too Close To Botox" Are Botox and fillers also in the interest of men?
Botox is a really radical application, it responds very quickly and men are very warmly welcomed to Botox application, and it also comes first as a preferable alternative. Filling is also important, because sagging occurs on the faces of men, and we see the effect of biological lifting on the face immediately after filling application.

It is possible to mechanically recover, stretch and lift the sagging face with filling. They also don't say no to mesotherapy cocktails that revitalize the skin and remove under-eye pits and bruises. In addition, it is necessary to mention the processes related to the body, which are a little longer. Belly is a big problem for men too. We see that they undergo procedures such as cavitation, radiotherapy and cold lipolysis to solve the problems related to the belly. Also, women start these applications much earlier, for example, I can say that the age of botox has decreased to almost 20s in women. Botox is a method that helps to remove the fine wrinkles created by our muscles on the skin. The botox that you have in your 20s is preventive, it helps you not to wrinkle in the future. After the wrinkle is formed, in the botox applied to the forehead, the middle of the forehead, and the crow's feet, the wrinkles remain with you, and if you do not have botox, they appear again. The way to prevent this is micro botox, which is done in the 20s.

What other apps are trending for men?

In the past, it was preferable for the Males to be more hairy, now the young males are all hairless. Men and women have been equalized in epilation, and even more men have had it done. Arm, leg, chest, back, cheek, nape, ear areas; Now, most areas are epilated and people feel cleaner and more hygienic….