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Facial Architecture and Regeneration - Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor

21 January 2023

The appearance of your skin and face is a whole that concerns the bone layer, the fat layer and the skin itself.  As time passes, deficiencies such as fat loss, mineral and vitamin deficiency, decrease in stem cells and asymmetry problems occur that we observe most in our skin or body due to reasons such as our behaviors, sleeping position, facial expressions, weight gain and weight loss, aging process. We combine treatments. Filling or fat transfer is suitable for bone and fat layer deformities.

 If filling is used while applying, we have more than one type of filling.  Most of them contain lidocaine, that is, they cause local numbing, you do not feel anything during the treatment. Fillers formulated with cross-linked, highly purified hyaluronic acid concentration give us the chance to use different fillers for different areas while working on facial architecture. For example, some fillers are used on the surface and middle layer of the dermis in the treatment of fine lines, especially perioral wrinkles, crow's feet, glabellar lines.

 We want;  Let our face rise slightly with the fillings we inject into the middle face, let it stretch slightly to the side and upwards so that our face can look more slim fit and tense, and we will have a younger appearance.  We can achieve these results with a single-session filling procedure.

 Of course, not only filling, but also mesotherapy, stem cells, rope suspension and many other treatment products can be used in facial architecture.

 Fat stem cell;  Some of the fat taken from the person in the clinical environment is separated from the stem cells in a special stem cell device and then injected into the desired area within the same day.

In the fat stem cell treatment, the fats taken from the patient are separated into macro and nano.  We can use the separated oils as oil filling in areas such as tear troug, marionette and zygoma in the face area, resulting in a natural appearance and creating a long-term treatment protocol.

 The most important aspect of stem cell therapy applied to the skin is to replace the missing and repair the tissue.  In youth, there is a sufficient number of cells in our body, but over time, the number of cells decreases locally.  In response to this situation, the main feature of stem cell therapy is that it is a youth elixir obtained from our own body, which increases the number of stem cells in the targeted area again.

 Mesotherapy is a very effective anti-aging treatment.  Stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin;  It provides rejuvenation, tightening and shine.  After facial mesotherapy, the skin looks fresher and rested.  Elasticity of the skin increases and skin sagging decreases.

 PDO;  Today, many non-surgical methods have been used to stop and recover this sagging on the face.  One of them is to lift the face using PDO (Polydioxanone) threads that are completely destroyed by the body.  This method is very different from the classical thread lift method and is much safer.  By placing the threads in different directions, similar to a spider web;  It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and causes a tightening effect.

 Spring Thread-French Strap;  The youth rope used in the dynamic suspension method contains much more serration than other organic awn ropes, it has a much stronger pulling force.  It does not cause deterioration in mimics and there is no risk of rupture.  Thanks to the special elastic needles integrated into the threads, there is no risk of damaging the tissue.

 Device actions:
 Golden Needle;  It is used with the aim of renewing and treating the damaged and deteriorating cells of the skin.  It can also be preferred for pregnancy stretch marks, under-eye bruise treatment and pore tightening.  Although it is a procedure applied with aesthetic concerns, it is very successful in wound and burn treatments.  In recent years, it has been used for the purpose of eliminating burn marks.  Increasing skin resistance and face lifting can also be performed with radio frequency technique.

 HiFu;  HiFu, which tightens the skin using the power of ultrasound;  It can be used to lift and tighten the jawline, chin, eyebrows and neck in a single operation.

 In facial architecture, our goal is to create the best possible version of your face.  We achieve this with a holistic approach that combines expertise with cutting-edge treatments.

 With age, our skin may lose its former shine, boredom and vitality.  Or, some habits you have acquired in your daily life (constantly lying in the same direction, using a lot of mimics, etc.) may cause unwanted images on your face.  Facial architecture is a completely personalized method of study that we do by looking at the patient's facial anatomy, not by rote, but for the problem.

 No matter how dull, damaged or blemished your skin is, you can achieve a truly natural glow.  If you think that the lubrication in your jowl area negatively affects the expression on your face, you can get rid of it with tiny injections.  With fillings, you can regain your face oval and have a slimfit look.  With the fat stem cell, you can restore the amount of cells that exist in youth to your skin.  Or you can counteract the negative effects of gravity with rope suspension methods.  Why not look 10 years younger when it is possible to choose so many treatments?