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"It's a great feeling to put a smile on people's faces" - Bella Musikhina

03 May 2023

In modern dentistry, along with the health of the teeth, aesthetics is also important. The unity of health and aesthetics gives rise to beauty. Russian dentist-therapist, surgeon and businesswoman Bella Musikhina is one of the creators of this unity.

A dentist with 10 years of medical experience, she received higher education at Yekaterinburg Ural State Medical Academy in Stomatology, Perm State Medical University in Surgical Dentistry. She is the director and ideological founder of the Blanco aesthetic dentistry and implantation center.

A professional dentist believes that: "Dental health and aesthetics are a unity. They cannot be separated. The more healthy the teeth are, the more aesthetic they are. When I look at patients' social accounts after treatment, I see people smiling who didn't smile before. In my opinion, this is a great feeling."

Among the services provided by an experienced dentist, aesthetic dentistry, especially whitening with the ZOOM4 system, is more demanding.
Bella Musikhina regularly improves her knowledge and skills at international conferences and forums held in Moscow and Yekaterinburg to master the innovations of her field. A professional dentist emphasizes that: "When the teeth are not treated on time and properly, harmful microorganisms in the oral cavity can enter the body through the blood and negatively affect vital processes such as ovulation and hormone synthesis."