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Konul Agamirova: Naturalness is the main trend of modern plastic surgery

15 January 2022

Today, appearance and attractiveness is a certain formula of success. Talented plastic surgeons help to master such a formula. Thanks to them, beauty and individuality emerge, not only the appearance of a person, but also psychological comfort and mental harmony improve. A well-known plastic-aesthetic surgeon, professional doctor Konul Agamirova in her interview to HealthNews told about modern aesthetic surgery, the fact that naturalness is the main trend in this field and the difficult aspects of the work.

- Konul, when did you decide to become a doctor? Why plastic surgery?

- It was my childhood dream to become a doctor and I am very glad that I was able to achieve it. It is true, I was interested in the arts too, but the wish to become a doctor was stronger. Therefore, I only pursued this profession. In 1995, I entered the Azerbaijan Medical University and successfully graduated with a degree in "Treatment" (now "Medicine").

Plastic surgery is, in my opinion, the most creative part of surgery. For example, unlike general surgery, where anatomy does not differ from patient to patient, the creative process in plastic is very similar to art and requires constant ingenuity. I compare my work to the work of an artist, whose main task is to create beautiful works.

- How did you gain experience as a plastic surgeon?

- In general, I have 15 years of experience in this field. Throughout my career, I have participated in many international and local seminars, trainings and conferences, and I still try to attend them regularly. During this time, I took a refresher course on surgery in the city of Samsun, Turkey, participated in the "Aesthetic Istanbul" conference in Istanbul, and participated in a number of trainings in various European cities. Improving my theoretical as well as practical skills, I gained extensive experience in performing various plastic surgeries on the face, body and breasts, and as a result, I formed my own concept in performing these surgeries.

- In your opinion, what qualities should a surgeon have?

- First of all, I can say that a plastic surgeon must have a certain aesthetic taste and already anticipate the optimal result. Second, the surgeon must approach each patient individually and understand what procedures he or she needs. Third, there must be professionalism based on knowledge and experience. In my opinion, it is impossible to fully deal with plastic surgery without these qualities.

- What plastic operations and procedures do you perform and which of them do you prefer?

- I perform all types of aesthetic and plastic surgeries, as well as all cosmetological procedures. My favorite surgeries are liposuction, lipofilling and abdominoplasty.

- What is the difficulty of your field of work? What do you need to pay more attention to?

- The difficulty is that I work with people with different psychology and try to make all patients satisfied with what I do. The point is that a plastic surgeon is also a psychologist. It is necessary to establish mutual understanding with the patient, to understand what result he or she wants. Much depends on trust. If this is not the case, it is better to delay the operation or postpone it until the patient makes a definite decision. Well, in my practice, such cases are very rare. (laughs) I think it's very important that the patient's expectations are in line with the surgeon's promises.

- Compared to the experience of foreign colleagues, what is the level of plastic surgery in our country?

- If we look at the early 2000s, in recent years, this field is developing rapidly in our country. A separate department has already been established in this area of ​​medicine. This is very gratifying. But in spite of all this, along with European countries, this field is very new in our country.

- I wonder, what are the main trends in plastic surgery now? First of all, what do women want to change in themselves?

- I think it would be more accurate to talk not only about women, but also about general trends. Everyone tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and look beautiful. Lack of wrinkles, beautiful appearance, beautiful body shape - all this is as important for a successful person as a good job or quality clothing. Most ladies want to get not only beautiful, but also the most natural forms. In general, not wanting to grow old, to look beautiful and fresh has always been a trend (laughs).

- What is the secret of your success?

- If a person cannot create a unity and harmony inside, if there is no synthesis of the brain and the soul, we cannot talk about any success. The secret of my success is very simple - I love my job and apply innovations in the field I work.

- What are your future plans?

- In fact, I have many plans. But I'm not going to reveal them, because I'll run out of energy to realize them. (laughs).

- How did you join the Millionaire Concept Network? What do you think about this business platform?

- An offer came from Millonaire Concept Network and I got interested and saw that the events were organized in a tasteful and level way. I thought and agreed.

  • Thank you for an interesting conversation. What are your wishes and recommendations for our readers?

- You need to believe that you can change a lot both in your appearance and in your life. Always be healthy, do not miss the smile on your face.