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Meri Istiroti is one of the first managers who introduced professional hospital management in Turkey.

01 August 2022

Meri Istiroti, who has been working in the healthcare sphere since 1990, is one of the first managers who applied professional hospital management in Turkey. After graduating from the Faculty of Psychology, Bogazici University, Istiroti received a Master’s degree in Health and Hospital Management. Between 1990 and 1998, Istiroti, who worked at the International Hospital, participated in the internal and international marketing of Acıbadem Health Group and in the group's new hospital openings. In 2007-2010, she chaired the Health Committee of DEİK, one of the leading non-governmental organisation related to international trade in Turkey.

Following her work at Dunya Goz and Bozlu Holding, in 2012 she started to work on the Liv Hospital project as the Founding General Manager. Mary Istiroti continues to work as a Group Coordinator at Liv Hospital today. She has been in the healthcare management industry for over 28 years and has authored 16 projects in her career. Liv Hospital is the 14th of these projects.
Meri Istiroti, who was twice awarded by Hospital Manager magazine in her profession, was awarded "Professional Honour Award" from two separate organisations in 2019.
 Meri Istiroti was awarded as the Best Medical Administrator at the Global Woman Awards project held in Baku, in the capital of Azerbaijan, on March 23. Three books were published under the names "30 Yasha Mektuplar", "Son Soz Doktorlarin" and "Compass".